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♥ Protective Stone ♥ Relieves Stress ♥ Improves Focus and Motivation

Sparkly and beautiful are words to describe this Amethyst Cluster Heart from Uruguay. "Soul stone" is another name for amethyst. This light purple amethyst with rainbows especially around the edges is a beautiful piece for meditation and/or a wonderful piece to add to a collection. Amethyst crystals are known for reducing anxiety and helping to relieve stress. Keeping the mind clear or "not intoxicated" improves the ability to remain calm in the face of adversity which will minimize anxiety and stress. These crystals facilitate a link connecting deep self with earth, clearing the base and earth chakras and aligning the entire chakra system. Amethyst is especially useful for keeping chakras healthy which improves health and state of mind.


You will receive the exact piece shown in the photographs. The colors may look a little different due to lighting. Measurements and weight are approximate. Stand not included.Natural crystals have imperfections, which may include surface scratches, chips, and nicks. They are unique and still have wonderful energy.I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. Your mental and physical health is important. If you need medical attention, please reach out to your doctor or call 911.Each order is packaged carefully to protect the item. If you have any questions, reach out to us.IG: @BluVibrationsEmail: EnjoyBluBibrations [!at]

Amethyst Cluster Heart from Uruguay

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